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The Secret Weapon!

what is mom's secret weapon?The 11th and final letter:

Eli, I’m writing you from sunny Orlando Florida.

Today, I went searching for Sasha. I went to the Enchanted Empire  and went on the Buccaneers of Bermuda ride. Boy, everyone  was right. I couldn’t tell which cat was Sasha and which were the animatronic cats.

Anyway, the search team was just besides themselves and didn’t know what to do. But I did. Remember I said I had my secret weapon? What is the one thing that Sasha can’t resist? What is the one thing that always brings her to the kitchen the moment I crack open the can? Continue reading


Mom Takes Charge

Sasha the cat hides on the pirate rideEli,

You will be relieved to know that I’ve decided to take the matter into my own hands. I’m at the airport right now planning to board a flight for Orlando, Florida. It seems no one can get a hold of Sasha, so I’ve decided to head down with my secret weapon. I bet you thought I forgot about the secret weapon, but I didn’t. I plan on using it as soon as I catch first sight of Sasha. Continue reading


Dreams of the Meditating Cat

Sasha the Rebel Cat: Letter #8

Hi, Eli,

Sasha is still trying to find inner peace in Katmandu, Nepal. I’m not exactly sure what inner peace is for a cat, but maybe that’s why she’s trying to find it. She wrote (did you know she could write) that she has a rigorous meditation schedule. She wrote that her mind often wanders during meditation, mostly to chasing enormous rodents, but she’s trying to remain focused.

If she keeps dreaming of chasing large rodents, I’m not sure how much longer she’s going to last in Katmandu. And I think the Cat Bureau of Investigation is tracking her down.

Oh no. Continue reading


Kitty Gone to Kathmandu

Sasha the Rebel Cat: Letter #7

More news about Sasha the cat for you,kathmandu (google maps)

Sasha is now on the CBI’s (The Cat Bureau of Investigation) 10 most wanted list. She is a fugitive from the law, and quite frankly, a bit of an embarrassment to us. I mean, peeing in our family room was one thing, but peeing your way across the United States is quite another. Continue reading


Feline Jailbreak

jail 2Sasha the Rebel Cat: Letter #6

Hi, Eli,

A lot has happened here since I last wrote to you.

We went to visit Sasha in jail yesterday, only to find that she wasn’t there!! She had escaped!

Apparently, she and her other feline felons had ambushed a guard when he brought them to dinner. Several held the guard at claw-point while the others took his keys and let themselves out of jail. Continue reading


“Free to Pee!” Rebel Cats Protest Outside Our House!

Cats Protesting Sasha the Rebel Cat: Letter #5

Remember I told you that there was huge commotion outside of our door last night?

Well, Sasha had returned from the Domestic Cat Conference with some of her new cat friends. Apparently, she had told her friends that we had the nerve to insist that she use her litter box and not our family room. They were incensed (that means mad), and they decided to start a protest directly outside of our house. Continue reading


Sasha Speaks Up!

cat reading newspaper (with glasses drawn on)Sasha the Rebel Cat, Letter #2

Dear Eli,

So remember how I told you that Sasha was reading the newspaper? So naturally, I asked her what she was doing. Now, Sasha is normally a very skittish cat.  Usually when I catch Sasha doing something she’s not supposed to be doing, or that she even thinks she’s not supposed to be doing, she scampers away and hides under the bed.

Not this time.

Sasha took off her glasses (did I mention she was wearing glasses?) and she said, “I’m trying to keep up on world politics. Especially any global conferences on the well-being of domestic cats.”

I was stunned. Continue reading