Feline Jailbreak

jail 2Sasha the Rebel Cat: Letter #6

Hi, Eli,

A lot has happened here since I last wrote to you.

We went to visit Sasha in jail yesterday, only to find that she wasn’t there!! She had escaped!

Apparently, she and her other feline felons had ambushed a guard when he brought them to dinner. Several held the guard at claw-point while the others took his keys and let themselves out of jail. The guard, it turns out, is allergic to cats and was too busy itching his eyes to even see what had happened. So now, Sasha is on the loose.

We received a phone call from the Police last night. They asked if Sasha had returned home. I said that our family room smelled much better, so I thought not. He told me that Sasha and the other cats that escaped from prison have been sneaking into people’s homes and peeing on their carpets.

How do they know it’s Sasha and her band of outlaw cats? Because they don’t just pee, they spell out the words “Free to Pee” on these poor homeowners’ carpets. And they sign each, er, letter: “The Cat Crusaders.” The police have received numerous complaints from angry homeowners with expensive rug cleaning bills. They really want to stop them and have asked for our help. I feel terrible about this because Sasha is our cat.

This really has gotten out of hand. If only Sasha had told us about her litter box, this all could have been avoided. And now, it seems she is beyond reason. Somehow, I’m going to have to figure out a way to lure her back.

I have an idea of how to stop Sasha, but more on that later.