Letter #21 – He shoots, he dreams!

Hi Nate:
So, you’re Dad leaned back in the chair, closed his eyes, and began to mutter something under his breath.
“What’s he saying?” Asked one Ravinia patron.
“It sounds like numbers.” Said a second.
“It sounds like garbage. Where’s the Symphony.” Said the third, who was really cranky.
Meanwhile, the Snore hadn’t sent any sleep-inducing messages over the speaker system for a good 15 minutes. And all those visiting Ravinia that night, pavilion and lawn, were awake. But, no sign of the Snore.
I leaned into Dad’s ear, and said, “Whatever you’re doing, do a little more of it.”
“Got it.” Said Dad.
He began to mutter a little more audibly. This time, I thought I heard some numbers, and words that sounded like “win” and “loss.” Still, I wasn’t sure what he was doing.
But whatever it was, I looked up and saw the Snore walking toward us.
“It’s working.” I whispered to your Dad.
“Cool.”Then, he muttered something that sounded like “shmutler.”
The Ravinia patrons were very confused when they saw the Snore.
“What is that?” Asked one patron.
“Is he playing with the symphony?” Asked another.
“I want a refund.” Said the cranky third patron.
“He’s what’s causing the delay.” I explained. “And why you were so sleepy earlier.”
“That’s what made me sleepy?” Said the first.
“How rude!” Said the second.
“Best rest I’ve had in 30 years.” Said the third. Well, now we know why he was so cranky.
The Snore stopped in front of Dad and looked surprised.
“Well, well, well.” He said. And then he kicked Dad in the shin.
“Ouch!” Dad said. “Hey, what was that about.”
“That was low.” Theodore said. “There is no way your dreams have gotten that interesting.”
“Maybe they have.” Dad said. “You’re just going to have to climb in and find out.”
“Oh no. Been there, done that. No more comics and super heroes, and I don’t buy for one second that you dream in sports games.”
“Sports games?” I said.
“Hey, Mr. Snore! I’d love to dream in comics and super heroes.” The cranky patron said.
“Well, of course you would. If my dreams were all paint drying, grass growing, and waiting for water to boil, I’d think comics and super heroes would sound good, too. Now where’s the gentleman who dreamed in murder mysteries?”
Will the Snore find the man who dreams in murder mysteries? And is Dad really dreaming in sports games? Find out more tomorrow.
Love and kisses, Mom