Letter #19 – Feeling Sleepy?

Hi Nate:
Your Dad and I were frantically searching for Theodore at Ravinia, when we heard a familiar sound over the speaker system.
It wasn’t music.
It wasn’t Theodore snoring.
It was Theodore talking. And I can’t say we were happy about what he was saying.
“Ladies and Gentleman,” he began. Theodore always did have a flare for the dramatic. “I come before you to ask, nay, to plead, that you tell me about your dreams.”
“Uh oh,” Dad said.
“What?” I asked.
“According to the The Secret Lives of Snores, when an escaped Snore is in search of a new host, he can do several things to snag that host. The first is to woo them, like he did with you. The second is to break into someone’s house at night and sneak into their throats.”
“How very rude,” I said, “Not to mention the fact that he’d be breaking the law by doing that.”
“Honey,” Dad said, “He’s a Snore. He doesn’t care about breaking the law, he just cares about finding a host, and apparently in Theodore’s case, a host with entertaining dreams. But the final way he can snag a new host is by putting them in a dream like state, and hop into their throats.”
Just then, we heard Theodore over the speaker system again, “Close your eyes, and think about your dreams. Your most pleasant and colorful dreams.”
“He does sound rather soothing,” I said as I started to feel sleepy.
“Oh no you don’t.” Dad said. “We’ve got enough to do without you falling asleep and getting that Snore stuck in your throat again.” Dad reached into his pockets. “Here, use these.”
I looked at your Dad’s outstretched arms and gasped. “My earplugs?”
“Where did you get them.”
“From your nightstand. I had to use them when Theodore was stuck in your throat.”
“Well, now you know how I feel.” I said, as I put them in my ears. I could still hear Theodore, but because his voice was muted by the earplugs, I no longer felt sleepy. “Why don’t you need ear plugs?” I asked Dad.
“Because I”m his original host. I’m immune. But I’m the only one.” Dad said.
But whatever Theodore was saying was working. All around us we saw Ravinia patrons starting to fall asleep. People on blankets were already drifting off, people in lawn chairs were slumped over, and people eating potato salad were dropping their forks mid-bite and creating a huge mess. Clearly, something needed to be done, and it needed to be done quickly.
What is it? Find out tomorrow!
Love and kisses,