Letter #23 – Dad Saves the Day

Hi Nate:
“9.” Theodore said, “This is that last number, and then everyone’s snoring tonight.”
“Theodore, wait!” Dad said.
“Now what?” Theordore said. “Don’t you get it? I’m not interested in being your Snore, anymore.”
“But I may have something else you would be interested in.”
“And what could that possibly be?” Theodore said.
“Well, even though you left, it seems that I’m still snoring.”
Theodore turned to me. “Is this true?”
“Actually it is.
Theodore tilted his head towards me as if to listen more closely. “What kind of snoring?”
“Oh, nothing special. A lighter snore. Almost a little dainty, now that I come to think of it.” I added. “I don’t even have to wear ear plugs it’s got such a light touch.”
Theodore threw his hand over his mouth, and muttered. “It couldn’t be. It’s impossible.”
“What could it be?” Said the first Ravinia patron.
“No idea.” Said the second.
“Who cares? I want a refund.” Said the third.
Theodore walked over to Dad and reached up to touch his throat. He quickly withdrew it, and whispered, “Theodora? But how could that be?”
“Yes.” Dad said. “It is Theodora, your long lost love.”
“Shut the front door!” I said. “You’re telling me that Theodore has a long lost love??”
“Yes he does.” Dad said, “I read it in The Secret Lives of Snores. You see, Theodora and Theodore, like many Snores, were together for many years when I was younger. When one got tired, the other took over. They did this for years, and then one day, Theodore discovered that Theodora had left.”
“How sad.” I said. “Why did she leave?”
“Apparently, she also sought more excitement. She took off for Hollywood and the throats of famous actors and actresses. But Hollywood was a tough place, and she got tired of the crazy hours those actors kept. She longed for my throat and to be with Theodore.”
“That’s so touching.” I said as I dabbed a tear away from my eye.
“I still want a refund!” The cranky patron said.
“So it’s true.” Theodore said. “She’s really back.”
“And waiting to see you.” Dad said.
And with that, Theodore touched Dad’s throat, Dad nodded off for a moment, and when he opened his eyes, Theodore was gone.
So, Theodore the Snore has returned to his home in Dad’s throat, where he is reunited with his long lost love, Theodora.
And me? Well now that Dad has two Snores, I need industrial strength ear plugs.
Love and kisses,