Letter #20 – Snore Bait

Hi Nate:

So when we left off, Theodore the Snore was successfully putting the entire Ravinia audience, both pavilion and lawn, to sleep in an attempt to find a host with more entertaining dreams than Dad.
“We have to put a stop to this!” Dad said.
“I agree, but how?”
“Well, if we could just find Theodore, that would be a start.” He said.
“I agree, but how are we going to find him?”
“I don’t know. I’m trying to remember what it said in The Secret Lives of Snores.” He thought for a little bit longer, and then his eyes lit up. “That’s it!”
“What’s it?”
“Theodore loved your dreams because you dreamed in musicals.”
“Yes, I do have truly marvelous dreams, don’t I?”
Your Dad shot me a funny look before continuing. “Could you start humming songs from musicals?”
“Why should I do that?”
“It might remind him of your dreams, and he might seek you out.”
It wasn’t a bad idea, but I thought we needed to take it one step further.
“I think I might need to pretend like I’m asleep. If I did, he might see it as an opportunity to return to my throat.”
“So you’d be Snore bait?”
“Are you sure you’re up for this?”
“What other choice do I have?”
So we set me up on a lawn chair, and I closed my eyes, and I started lightly humming show tunes. I started with classics from the 30’s, moved onto Rodgers and Hammerstein, hit some West Side Story, and even hummed some Les Miz. After doing this for about 10 minutes, I whispered, “Any luck?”
“Not exactly.” Your Dad said.
“What do you mean?”
“Open your eyes.”
So I did, only to find that I was surrounded by Ravinia Patrons.
“That was lovely. Do you really dream in musicals?” Said one.
“Do you see dance numbers? Are there harmonies?” Said a second.
“I hate musicals.” Said a third.
I turned to your Dad. “We need another plan.”
“You’re right.” Dad thought for a minute, and added. “I think I need to be the Snore bait.”
“But he’s not interested in your dreams.” I said.
“He wasn’t before, but he may be now.”
“What do you mean?”
“Just give me a chance.” And with that, he sat in the lawn chair, and closed his eyes.
What is your Dad’s plan? Find out tomorrow.

Love and kisses,