Letter #18 – Snoring is not music to anyone’s ears

Hi Nate:
So once your Dad and I realized that Theodore was headed for Ravinia, we quickly dressed and dashed outside to see what he was up to. We were just outside of Ravinia’s gates, with no Theodore in sight, when we heard a tell tale sign over Ravinia’s speaker system
“Chonnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkk, chhhink, chhhink, chonnnnnnnkkkkk.”
Your Dad and I looked at each other and said, “Theodore.”
That’s right. Somehow Theodore was snoring over the speaker system. And this meant thousands of people who had come to see their favorite musical group perform melodious tunes, were instead being, er, treated to Theodores cacophonous snores.
It was not going unnoticed by Ravinia’s patrons either. We overhead the following as we waited in line to enter Ravinia.
“I thought the CSO was playing tonight.” We heard one person say.
“What’s all this racket? I hate modern pieces.” Another said.
“Like, it’s an experimental piece exploring the rhythms of guttural noise-making.” Said a college student, who I think needs to listen to a few more albums of good music.
Well, your Dad and I had to do something. After all, we were partly responsible for what was going on.
So we finally reached the entrance, and were about to search for Theodore when we were halted by the ticket taker.
“Excuse me.” The ticket taker was tall and thin. He looked like this might be his first position where he actually exerted authority, and was having way too good of a time doing it. “But where are your tickets?”
“I . . .we don’t . . .look we know what’s causing that awful noise you’re hearing, and we can take care of it. Can you just let us in.”
Dad said.
“Look if you have no appreciation for the music tonight, then why are you trying to get in for free?? Go get a ticket.”
“Dude,” I said. “Are you listening to what’s coming in over the speakers? That’s not music, that’s a . . .”
“I’m really not interested in your opinions. Go. Get. A. Ticket.”
“But. . .”
“No ticket, no entrance.” And he turned away.
Ten minutes and $30 later (Ravinia has gotten so expensive!), your Dad and I were in Ravinia and searching for Theodore. We weren’t sure where to look, when we heard a very different noise coming over the speaker system. It was still Theodore, but he was doing something else this time.
What was it? Find out tomorrow.
Love and kisses,