The Snore is on the loose!

Hi Nate:

So right after Theodore took off, Dad rushed back into our bedroom.
“Where is he?”
“The Snore.” Dad said. Frustrated, he ran a hand through his hair . . . although that didn’t take very long because Dad doesn’t have much hair left.
“Theodore? He took off a minute ago. Something about a book.”
“Nooooooo!” And then it was like some a scene out of movie. Dad was moving in slow motion towards the bed. “P-l-e-a-s-e t-e-l-l m-e,” he bent down, “h-e d-i-d-n’t f-i-n-d t-h-e . . . ” Dad was now looking under our bed. “NOOOOOOOO!”
“What’s wrong? And where did you learn to move in slow motion?” I asked.
“I went to slow motion school.” Dad explained. “But that’s not important right now. What matters is that the book is gone. The Secret Lives of Snores is gone!!”
I shrugged. “So get another book.”
Your Dad was momentarily speechless. Momentarily. “Woman!! Have you gone mad??!! There are a limited number of copies of that book. And that book held the key to getting the Snore back to it’s rightful owner.”
“Yeah that would be nice. This Snore has been the biggest troublemaker this side of Greenbay Road. It’s about time he got back to his rightful owner. Who would that be, by the way?”
You Dad looked at me like I was nuts. “Me! Remember this all started because the Snore left me. I need to get him back!”
I snorted. “Ha! That’s never going to happen.”
“Why not?”
“Because you have the most boring dreams. He’s never going back.”
“My dreams are not boring.”
“How many times have you heard of a Snore leaving it’s host?”
Your Dad reddened, and cleared his throat. “Well we’ve gotta figure something out. Otherwise, who knows what a Snore on the loose could do.” Dad said.
And then we heard a loud scream from outside.
Your Dad and I looked at each other and said, “Theodore!”
And we were right. Looking outside, we saw Theordore walking down our street. People were pointing, dogs were barking, cats were hissing, and squirrels were . . . actually squirrels were chasing down nuts and hiding them in a safe place, but I digress.
Your Dad and I watched as Theodore continued down the street and then rounded the corner.
“Where do you think he’s going?” I asked.
“I’m not sure. Maybe the train station or maybe . . . oh no.” Dad said.
“He must be headed for . . . “Dad started, and then I realized where Theodore was headed, and we both said togehter, “Ravinia!!”
Will Theodore make it to Ravinia? Find out tomorrow!
Love and kisses,