“Free to Pee!” Rebel Cats Protest Outside Our House!

Cats Protesting Sasha the Rebel Cat: Letter #5

Remember I told you that there was huge commotion outside of our door last night?

Well, Sasha had returned from the Domestic Cat Conference with some of her new cat friends. Apparently, she had told her friends that we had the nerve to insist that she use her litter box and not our family room. They were incensed (that means mad), and they decided to start a protest directly outside of our house.

Cats of every shape and size were parading up and down the sidewalks with signs that read “A Cat’s Gotta Pee Where A Cat’s Gotta Pee” and chanting “Free to Pee, Free to Pee.”

Dad and I didn’t know what to do. However, our neighbors would have none of it. They called the police, who arrived promptly. Many of the cats scurried up trees, or ducked under bushes, but the police managed to arrest many of them, including Sasha.

We have decided to let Sasha spend the night in jail to teach her a lesson. We are picking her up tomorrow.

I hope you are getting better sleep there at camp than we are here!