Free to Pee! Cats Rebel!


Sasha the Rebel Cat: Letter #4

Last night, I sat down to watch Sasha’s conference on cable.  Turns out, I didn’t have to because Sasha’s conference made the national news!

And so did Sasha.

Sasha and her fellow cats have become, er, very passionate on the subject of where they can go to and what they can use as a bathroom.   Sasha was carrying a big sign that read, “Freedom to Pee Everywhere.” And was chanting “Free to Pee, Free to Pee,” over and over with a crowd of furry felines. The people on the news said they’ve never seen anything like it.  I haven’t either.  I mean, I’m all for animal rights, but she seems to be getting a bit extreme.

I’m not sure what to make of this.  I mean, we’ve had issues with Sasha peeing outside of the litter box in the past, but she’s never been this outraged.

And then I thought to check her litter box.  Sure enough, no one had scooped her litter box for weeks.  It was the smelliest litter box I think I had ever seen, er, smelled.  And I can’t very well ask Sasha to be considerate of us, when we’re not being considerate of her.

So I got your Dad and brother to scoop the litter box (well, I wasn’t going to do it!).  We all agreed that we would sit down with Sasha when she returned, apologize for the state of her litter box, and generally work things out with her.  Perhaps then, all of this radical cat nonsense will finally die down. Speaking of which, I’m not sure when she plans on coming home.

Uh oh.

Dad just told me there’s some commotion outside the house. He says it sounds like a big crowd of cats. I’ve gotta run and check it out, but I promise to tell you more in tomorrow’s letter.