Kitty Gone to Kathmandu

Sasha the Rebel Cat: Letter #7

More news about Sasha the cat for you,kathmandu (google maps)

Sasha is now on the CBI’s (The Cat Bureau of Investigation) 10 most wanted list. She is a fugitive from the law, and quite frankly, a bit of an embarrassment to us. I mean, peeing in our family room was one thing, but peeing your way across the United States is quite another.

We did receive a postcard from her. We were very surprised to learn that she has fled the United States and flew with some of her other radical cat friends to Kathmandu, Nepal (that’s in Asia). She wrote that she’s gone there to look inside of herself to find inner peace, whatever inner peace means to a cat.

Then, very early this morning, I received a call from a Nepalese monastery, saying that Sasha is studying with Dali Katma. The caller said that she sits and meditates several times a day. I wonder if all that sitting and thinking has made her realize that she should stop peeing in our family room? Probably not.

Sasha doesn’t realize that I have discovered a secret weapon to lure her back home. Once I unleash my secret weapon, she will come running back to our house and will do anything we say. And to think that is sits in our cabinet, in a small can. What is it? More on that later.