The Secret Weapon!

what is mom's secret weapon?The 11th and final letter:

Eli, I’m writing you from sunny Orlando Florida.

Today, I went searching for Sasha. I went to the Enchanted Empire  and went on the Buccaneers of Bermuda ride. Boy, everyone  was right. I couldn’t tell which cat was Sasha and which were the animatronic cats.

Anyway, the search team was just besides themselves and didn’t know what to do. But I did. Remember I said I had my secret weapon? What is the one thing that Sasha can’t resist? What is the one thing that always brings her to the kitchen the moment I crack open the can?

Sasha loves mom's secret weapon!That’s right: tuna fish!!

So, I brought a nice, fresh can of tuna fish with me on the Buccaneers of Bermuda ride. I opened it up right away. And within seconds, I heard, “Meow, meow!!” A few moments later Sasha was at my feet purring and pleading with those big sad cat eyes for the can of tuna. But I didn’t give it to her quite yet.

First I said, “Now Sasha, you can have this. And I promise, we will keep your litter box much cleaner.  But you have to promise me, no more radical cat behavior; no more peeing on other people’s carpets; no more domestic cat conferences; and no more peeing all over our family room.”

She simply replied, “Meow.”

Sasha and I will be on the first plane home tomorrow. So by the time you get home, Sasha will be just where you left her: curled up on the couch.

Oh, and we’re all going to make a concerted effort to keep her litter box cleaner.  And yes, that includes you!

Have a fun bus ride home from camp!