Sasha Speaks Up!

cat reading newspaper (with glasses drawn on)Sasha the Rebel Cat, Letter #2

Dear Eli,

So remember how I told you that Sasha was reading the newspaper? So naturally, I asked her what she was doing. Now, Sasha is normally a very skittish cat.  Usually when I catch Sasha doing something she’s not supposed to be doing, or that she even thinks she’s not supposed to be doing, she scampers away and hides under the bed.

Not this time.

Sasha took off her glasses (did I mention she was wearing glasses?) and she said, “I’m trying to keep up on world politics. Especially any global conferences on the well-being of domestic cats.”

I was stunned. First, I had no idea that Sasha could talk. Second, I had no idea Sasha could read — hey, how did she get those glasses??

I told that I was very impressed by her interest in world politics. But I suggested that we would very much appreciate her putting her energies into making better use of her litter box, and to please stop using our family room as her bathroom.

Do you know what she said??? She said, “Isn’t that just like a human, trying to limit where I can go to the bathroom.” With that, she removed her glasses, jumped off of the chair and returned to her favorite spot on the couch.

I think we may have a problem here. More on that later.

— Mom