First Summer: Sasha the Rebel Cat

cat-newspaper cSasha the Rebel Cat was the first camp story I wrote for my son, Eli. I didn’t want to bore him with the trivialities of the everyday, so I applied a little imagination to my letters. I hope you enjoy them, and I appreciate your comments.

I’ll be posting a new letter from this story every Tuesday and Thursday.

Dear Eli,

I hope you are enjoying camp, and making friends!  Things here are pretty much the same as when you left.  Your dad and I are working, your brother is enjoying day camp, and not much is new.

Except for Sasha, your cat.

They say that cats have nine lives? Well, it seems Sasha must have gotten a new one. Today, I came downstairs and she was reading the newspaper. I’m not kidding. But, I’ll tell you more about that in tomorrow’s letter.



photo credit: Maggie Osterberg via photopin cc