Sleepy, sleepy Mom

Hi Nate:

Oh my! I have been so sleepy over the last couple of days! I’m still looking for Theodore, but I think that must be wearing me out, because I just get so tired. And then I go take a nap. And I’ve been having the loveliest dreams. They are all musical comedies, and they all involve tap dancing, or some incredible drum solo, and one must have been some kind of farce because there was a lot of percussive door slamming.

I was about to call the police to see if there was any news on Theodore, but I think I’ll take another nap. I’ll write more tomorrow — if I’m awake.

Love and kisses,


P.S. This is Dad. Why is your mom so tired? Why does she keep having dreams with interesting rhythms going on? Here’s what happened after Mom took that nap she was telling you about.
Your Mom was resting peacefully on the bed. I decided it was time to end that.
“Susan.” I nudged her. “Susan, you need to wake up.”
“Susan, this is serious.”
Your Mom opened her eyes and looked at me. She seemed displeased. Sighing, she said, “This better be good, I was just having the most wonderful dream about . . . ”
“Let me guess,” I said, “It was a musical, but this time the tap number was interspersed with an African drum medley.”
“I . . . however did you figure that out?” Mom asked.
“Because your short percussive snores were combined with a long inhaling snort, followed by a rapid fire gurgle.”
Your mother said nothing. At first.
“Shut. Up. I do not snore.”
“You do now.”
“How could that be? You don’t just develop a snore overnight. How long have I been doing this?”
“Since about two days ago.”
“Well that’s odd,” Mom said. “That’s when Theodore disappeared . . . oh no.”
“Oh yes.”
“How could he do that me? We were supposed to be buddies. Do you think this was his plan all along? He got close to me so that when I was least expecting it, he could sneak into my throat and take over?”
“Honey, you dream in musicals. How could he resist?” I said. “But I have a new appreciation for what you go through every night.”
“What should we do?”
“I have a plan,” I told her. “But you may not like it.”
What is the plan? We’ll tell you more tomorrow!