Letter#11 – The Secret Lives of Snores

Hi Nate:

So as your Dad may have already told you, Theodore the Snore has tricked me into liking him so that he could sneak into my throat and view my dreams.
Theodore is no longer the Snore I adore.
I plan on giving him a stern talking to once we get him out. And I suppose your wondering how we’re going to get Theodore out?

“I have a plan!” Your Dad announced. “But you may not like it.”
“I think I’ll like it more than have some double crossing Snore in my throat.”
“So I found this book called ‘The Secret Lives of Snores.”
“Say what?”
“I found this book called . . .”
“Where on earth did you find such a book?”
“At Half Price Books.” Your Dad explained.
“Well, at least you were thrifty. But why were you even looking for that book?”
“I never trusted that Snore.” Dad explained. “And I just knew he was up to something, so I started doing some research and that is the leading book on dealing with Snores.”
“Ok, so what do we do?”
“So, Snores usually don’t leave their original host, which in this case is me. But every so often you get a special Snore, a sort of genetic mutation kind of a Snore.”
“This is beginning to sound like a bad science fiction movie, but go on.” I said.
“And those kinds of Snores tend to need a lot of stimulation. When they don’t get it from the dreams, they start looking for a new host. And when they start looking for a new host, they do everything, and I mean everything to make themselves appealing to their target host.”
And suddenly, a lot of things were starting to make sense. “So that’s why I thought Theodore was so cute.” I said.
“Exactly!” Dad said. “And why I thought he was hideous. He wanted to get as far away from me as possible.”
“And why he acted like my BFF. I can’t believe I fell for it. So what do we do?”
“We’ve got to get him to hate your dreams.”
“Well that’s not going to be easy. I have fabulous dreams.”
“I’m not saying to make them boring.”
“Then what are you saying?”
What is Dad saying? Find out tomorrow!
Love and kisses,