Letter #12 – If you can’t bore the Snore . . .

Hi Nate:

I can’t believe it’s Friday again, and you have now been there for two weeks! Wow, the summer is flying by quickly.
So Dad had an idea for how to get Theordore the Snore out of my throat.
But it wasn’t pretty.
“He’s never going to get bored watching my dreams,” I explained, “My dreams are really entertaining. They’re in vibrant colors, they’re set to music, and they have rockin’ good dance numbers.”
“So if we can’t bore him out of your throat, maybe we could scare him out of your throat.” Dad said.
“Jigga what?”
“I bet if you had a nightmare, he’d pack his bags and be on his way.”
“Oh dear god, are you telling me that there’s luggage in my throat, too!!”
“I . . . no . . . that’s not the point.”
I was becoming impatient. “Then what is the point.”
“The point is, if this Snore likes Musicals, then I’d put money on it he wouldn’t like a scary dream.”
He did have a point. “Yeah, but I never have nightmares.”
“Oh, I have the standard making a speech naked, and missing a final exam dreams, and then there’s always that drinking from someone else’s cup and fining out that it’s toilet water, but everyone has those dreams.”
“Um, not the one about drinking toilet water.”
“You don’t have that dream?”
“Oh. Well, that’s about how scary my dreams get. I think the last time I had a nightmare was after I saw Jaws as a kid.”
“That’s it!” Your Dad said.
“What’s it?” I asked
“That’s how we’re going to get you to have a nightmare. You’re going to spend tomorrow watching one scary movie after another. Your sure to have a nightmare then!”
Your Dad seemed very enthused about this idea. I can’t say I shared his feelings.
“But I don’t like scary movies.” I complained.
“Well, it’s that or continue being the proud owner of the loudest snore this side of the Mississippi.”
“How do you even know that? How could you possibly know how my Snore compares to other Snores even in a 10 mile radius?”
“I . . . never mind. Snore or no snore?”
I sighed. “No snore. Bring on the scary movies.”
Well, it looks like I have a fun filled day planned for tomorrow. While you and your friends are out swimming and playing ball, I will be binge watching scary movies. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.
Love and kisses,
P.S. It’s Dad here. Thank goodness she agreed. I might finally be able to get some sleep again.