Letter #13 – Vampires, tsunamis and sharks, oh my!

Hi Nate:

Oh what a day I have had!

Per your Dad’s crazy, but probably very viable, idea, I have spent the entire day watching scary movies. Why? In hopes of creating a nightmare terrifying enough to get Theodore to jump out of my body. I began with a breakfast of brain-eating zombies, followed by blood sucking vampires, and then the knife wielding and chain saw bearing psychos who knock off some seriously judgment-challenged teenagers one by one.

Bu lunch time, we were into the disaster movies. There were earthquakes, tornadoes, nuclear bombs, tsunamis ,asteroids and let’s not forget about all those pesky alien invasions.

Was that enough? Not according to your Dad!! As if I didn’t have enough content for a pretty scary nightmare, I then sat through movies about scary critters. Sharks that ate people, followed by snakes that ate people, and then there were the spiders that ate people (imagine how your brother would have loved that one). A couple of movies about dinosaurs running amok, and rounding it out with a movie about some overly aggressive birds that sent me running for the hills.
“That’s enough!” I said. “No more scary movies!! I’m not even sure I can fall asleep tonight I’m so scared.”
“Yeah,that should do it.” Your Dad agreed.

So, I’m drinking some warm tea, and I’m getting ready to go to bed. I can’t really say I’m looking forward to it, but hopefully we’ll scare Theodore right out of my throat. Wish me luck.

Love and kisses,


P.S. This is Dad. Wow, am I glad I’m not Mom. Those movies were so scary. Although, the dinosaur ones were kind of cool, and I always love a good zombie movie, but the rest forget it. Oh, but the special effects on the tsunami movie were awesome . . . ooopps Mom just saw what I wrote to you, and she’s looking a little mad. I gotta go.