Letter #6 – Your Dad’s Dreams are Boring

Hi Nate:

We received your post card today. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

So, about that Snore, and the debate about whether your Dad’s dreams are boring.

“Honey,” I said to your Dad, “your dreams are a little boring. I mean, no one wants to watch dreams about Super Heroes every night. Especially if they’re in black and white.”
“Exactly,” the Snore said.
“I . . .hey, Super Heroes are cool!” Dad protested.
“Whatever.” The Snore said. “Anyhoo,” he turned off the television and turned to us. “Now that I’m out and about, how about going outside to toss around a football”
“What . . .you’re a Snore,” Dad said, “You make snoring noises. That’s what you do. You do not don’t toss around a football.”
“That’s a very limited view of what I can do.” The Snore said in a huff.
“Honey, I think you’ve offended the Snore. I think you should apologize.”
“I am not apologizing to a physiological mechanism!!”
I was really surprised your Dad was so upset. What did the Snore ever do to him? And at this point it was a guest in our house. I just didn’t think it was right to be so rude. So I turned to the Snore and I said, “Never you mind him. Let’s go out and toss around that football.”
“Awesome.” The Snore said. And off we went outside.

We had a lovely time tossing the football back and forth, and it turns out the Snore has a pretty good arm. He also has a very good sense of humor and is very charming. Who knew a Snore could be so engaging?

While we were tossing around the football, he started to ask me about myself. He asked my what kind of music I liked, and it turns out that we both love musical theater. We also both like dance, and the Snore told me that he likes to tap dance. He really is very adorable — it’s almost like having a very intelligent and talented pet!

Well, I gotta run. The Snore and I are running out to get pedicures.
Love and kisses,

P.S. Nate, this is Dad again. Your Mom had become completely unhinged. This Snore is some sort of Svengali and he has got your Mom under some sort of spell. I’m getting worried. Any BTW, my Super Hero dreams are not boring!