Letter #2 – A Good Night’s Sleep

Hi Nate:

I saw the picture of you with your cabin! Looks like your settling in nicely. Write us and let us know how things are going. (Like that’s going to happen :-P)

You’ll never guess what happened! Dad didn’t snore last night. Let me repeat that: DAD DIDN’T SNORE LAST NIGHT!! I couldn’t believe it. I fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 6, and for the first time since I can remember, your Dad’s snoring didn’t wake me up. I woke up so refreshed and relaxed. It was wonderful.

And then my hand flew over my mouth in shock as I realized why I felt so good. I turned to your father, and said, “OMG! You didn’t snore last night!”
And your Dad said, “Hmmrmmrphrmrrmmmmm?” (You know your Dad isn’t very good first thing in the morning.)
“You didn’t snore!” I repeated. “This is probably the most rested I’ve felt in years!”
“Hmmrrrmmmphr . . . hey, I think you’re right. Wow, I’m feeling oddly well rested myself.”
“Wait, why would you feel oddly well rested?” I asked.
“Well, admittedly, I do snore kinda loud.” He said.
“Thanks for the news flash. What’s your point?”
“Well, sometimes I snore so loudly I wake myself up.”
“Would you like my ear plugs?” I offered feigning concern.
Your Dad chose to ignore my mocking, and continued, “And whenever that happens, the snore enters my dreams. Once I thought it was a car engine, and another time, I thought it was some really odd elephant.”
“Yeah, weird, huh?” Dad said.
“No. Actually I was thinking how completely boring your dreams must be if the snore manifests as a car engine or elephant.”
“My dreams are not boring.” Dad protested.
“Whatever.” I said.
Well, I am just full of energy today with all this wonderful sleep I’m getting. Hmmmmmm, what should I do? I could go exercise, or bake some cookies, or . . . wait, what was that noise? I swear I just heard the oddest noise coming from downstairs.

What could it be? You’ll find out tomorrow.

Love and kisses,