Nate Responds to My Latest Camp Story

This summer I decided to write a story about how four of Nate’s stuffed animals (his ‘kids’) decided to form a rock band.  I’m calling it “Lambie on the Lam.”  Well, apparently I didn’t quite nail the characterizations and other traits of some of his stuffed animals.  Here’s his recent literary critique of my story:

There are some problems with Mom’s story. 1. I don’t have a kid named Moby.  If you mean B.W., then O.K. 2. Which Kitty because one of them is with Berry and the other is with Blacko. 3. Neither Kitties are a bore and they are both black belt drummers.  

You forgot the singing duo of Ruff Ruff and Buns Buns.

Another thing, they are trillionaires and every single kid lives in the mansion that takes up Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Kansas. The great lakes are chlorinated pools and it’s one state called North Nate South.

I have changed certain plot elements as a result.